Welcome to the new blog of Belite Aircraft. Written by James Wiebe, this blog will take you through Belite’s development, innovation, and James’ personal stories and adventures.

Enter the site now.

5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I live in Colorado at 5000′ MSL, and weigh 235 pounds (6′ tall). Is a Belite practical in this environment? I’d be looking at all the weight saving features and the 45 HP 1/2 VW. How much runway would you imagine at this altitude?

    • Hi Robert,

      If you have a long runway (>2000 ft) the 1/2VW will work if properly pitched. Otherwise, the MZ-201 would be excellent for shorter strips. You’ll want all the weight saving features we offer.

  2. I’m in almost the same boat…SLC around 4500’…weight around 240 but I’m 6’4″. What is the maximum pilot height and cabin width?

  3. Other end of the spectrum, perhaps. I am 135 lbs and live at 1,100′ ASL. Is a 450′ hard strip feasible for a Polini powered Pro Lite?

    • I received an email stating that I had received a reply. Unfortunately, I am not gifted enough to find it! Can anyone help me out?

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