UltraCub Rib Construction — Aluminum ribs with cap straps

If you are building aluminum ribs (or aluminum / carbon fiber strips), the top and the bottom “T Strips” have to be glued on with 2216 or similar epoxy after they are riveted in place.

2216 is a 3M epoxy which is specified for use with aluminum bonding.  Surfaces must be scoured clean (eg,: 180 grit), then cleaned with acetone, before a liberal fillet of 2216 is added on all sides.

Tape was used to stabilize the strips while glue was applied and setting.

The tip and root rib get a square aluminum tube reinforcement.

We also recommend a 5″ vertical piece of angle on each rib, to prevent vertical crushing.  (Not shown, will provide pic soon.)

Rib Construction

Rib Construction

Root and Tip Rib reinforcement Root and Tip Rib reinforcement-2

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