How to cook trout in the wild, with wine and Tabasco.

In today’s cooking lesson, we’re going to learn how to prepare James’ amazing!!! mildly hot trout recipe.

The very first thing to do is to clean your trout.  It’s easy — cut off the head, gut them, clean out the innards, and leave the skin on.  The skin will come off easily while being cooked, so don’t worry about it.

Then, retreat out of the wild into a cabin with a stove and a frying pan.  This is a very important step — don’t get it wrong.

Start the preparation by melting a half stick of butter or margarine in the frying pan.  I used margarine, but you should use butter.  Really.


Melting a half stick of butter in a frying pan, over low heat.

Once that has melted and is lightly bubbling, insert the trout into the pan.  It is helpful if the tail sticks slightly over the edge — this will help impress your friends.


Trout beginning to cook in bubbly butter. The trout tastes best if the tail sticks slightly over the edge of the pan. No, I’m not explaining why that is so.

The next step provides some extra flavor — throw in 3 or so ounces of your favorite red wine.  The best wine is a cheap red, straight from Santa Clara, CA.  (Inside joke.)


Red wine in the pan.

Now, another critical step.  Locate an abused old pizza pan, such as shown in the following photo.


Abused old pizza pan.

Place the pizza pan over the frying pan.  You should be able to hear the butter / wine mixture lightly bubbling away.  Don’t set the heat too high — a low heat is fine.  (The stove I used in the cabin worked fine with the dial set to 2 (out of 10.))


Abused pizza pan is now covering frying pan and allowing trout to simmer in the wine / butter mix.

Allow 6 minutes to pass.  Then remove the pizza pan.  *Flip the trout using a spatula or fork.*  Your trout will now look like this:


Half cooked trout.

Insert a knife under the skin; peel off the skin.  It’s fairly easy to do.


Removing the skin off the half cooked trout.


Now the skin has been removed from this side. It’s starting to look very tasty — but wait! It’s still only half cooked.

Sprinkle four drops of Tabasco onto the half cooked fish.  If you wish, you may spread the Tabasco over the side of the fish.  Also add salt and pepper to your desired sodium level at this time.


Tobasco drops have landed. Also salt and pepper to taste.

RECOVER the pan with the pizza lid and allow to cook on very low heat for 6 more minutes.  AFTER six minutes have passed, turn the heat up to a medium / high number.


BRIEFLY turn up the heat!

After about 45 – 60 seconds at the higher heat, remove the fish from the pan.  With a little effort, you can leave the bottom layer of skin (which you just slightly seared) on the bottom of the pan.

Then, transfer the fish to fine china.  Consider adding a side of Lay’s Sweet South Heat Barbecue potato chips — a truly excellent choice.

This meal pairs well with a ridiculously cheap red wine in a plastic tumbler.


James’ hot trout with hot potato chips and red wine in a plastic tumbler.


Bon appetit! The trout flakes off the bones — and it was truly delicious.

From swimming in the stream to eating it at the table, this took about 75 minutes or less.  That’s fresh trout.

Let me know how this turns out for you.  Bon appetit!

2 thoughts on “How to cook trout in the wild, with wine and Tabasco.

  1. If you make it up to our neighborhood sometime (Washington west of Puget Sound) we will introduce you to fresh Dungeness crab and clams off the beach. Oh and halibut season is coming.

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