New Motor Mount for Polini

We’ve received in some engine mounts for the Polini Thor 250.  These mounts have the advantage of allowing direct attachment to the firewall — with a couple of caveats, which I’ll get to.  It’s all amazing light and strong.

The Mounting plate is CNC machined and comes with rubber bushings to attach to the motor and to the firewall.

Polini Engine Mount

View of the Polini Thor 250 mounted to a Belite ProCub.

Polini Engine Mount-2

View behind the engine, showing the plate and one of the angle aluminum firewall reinforcements.

Polini Engine Mount-3

View of the angle reinforcement on the other side of the engine.

Polini Engine Mount-4

View from the top of the engine looking down at the firewall.

Polini Engine Mount-5

View *inside* the cabin, looking forward at the firewall and the large aluminum angle reinforcement. The middle three bolts are attached to the Polini motor mount plate.

Polini Engine Mount-6

A view from below the engine, looking up.

Polini Engine Mount-7

The motor mount plate is virtually invisible behind the motor.

Here’s the caveats:

1)  This motor is so light, you’ll need to be wary of Center of Gravity issues.

2)  The installation is so small and tight, you may need to mount the motor 4 or 5 inches away from the firewall in order to have the correct placement of the propeller relative to the cowl.  This may be done by using aluminum rectangular tubing to ‘extend’ the firewall forward.    (Not described here, but eventually coming.)

Not shown is how to mount the radiator or the water overflow tank.  (We’ve previously posted many pictures of the radiator on the ProCub / Polini installation.)

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