Assembling the horizontal stabilizer, elevator and rudder of a Belite ProCub

The rudder foam is CNC machined before you receive it.  Also, each 1″ thinwall square tube is precut.  Ensure that the fit is good, sand and square each end of the tube, sand the foam channels and ensure that all parts have been identified.  Your rudder assembly will look like this:

Rudder Parts

Rudder parts test fit for a Belite ProCub. Note the two 8″ x 1″ x 6mm baltic birch spacing blocks.

The rudder gluing is done in at least two steps.  (You are welcome to do this in several steps.)  Use gorilla glue.  This was our first gluing step for the rudder:

Rudder Gluing

Partial rudder gluing in progress.

The partially glued rudder assembly looks like this when the clamps are removed:

Rudder Gluing 2

Partial rudder gluing completed.

Rudder Gluing 3

Remaining rudder parts are glued in place.

Now it’s time to make the elevator.  Let’s lay out the parts.  Note that the only unsymmetrical part is the 4″ tube.  It will end up being on the *right* side of the elevator; so this assembly is upside down:

Elevator Parts

Parts for an elevator.

Elevator Parts 2

Closeup of one side. This assembly is upside down.

Elevator Gluing

Gluing one half of the elevator in place. Note use of peel ply to protect table. Note use of clamps and weights as required.

Elevator Gluing 2

Gluing the other side of the elevator.

Elevator Gluing 3

Gluing the elevator spar in place. Each side has a 9 1/2″ extension.

We’ve saved the easiest part for last:  the horizontal stabilizer.  Each of the three parts is glued in place.  Before gluing, ensure that the spacing is exactly centered with a 1″ gap on the rear cross spar.  This 1″ gap will allow the rudder post to fit through.

Horizontal Stabilizer Gluing

Horizontal stabilizer being glued. Note 1″ gap with exact square fit.

After the glue is set, all 3 assemblies are cleaned of excess gorilla glue, sanded, and then spackled:

Horizontal Stabilizer Gluing 2

Spackling in progress.

To be continued.

One thought on “Assembling the horizontal stabilizer, elevator and rudder of a Belite ProCub

  1. Thank you This is very interesting for me as a beginner Hope one day when I will have a place and time to build the cube Best regards from France Elie

    Envoyé de mon iPhone


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