1.8 ounce Digital Altimeter & VSI — one instrument!

We’re just starting to ship our new combined Digital Altimeter & VSI.  In one unit, it combines a settable Altimeter and a high range VSI.  It has a bunch of other features as well, such as Density Altitude, Voltage and VFR Cruising Alarm.

It weighs 1.8 ounces and is about 1 inch thick.

The screen is extra sharp and vivid light green, and the backlight may be turned on or off.  (Or adjusted via an external dimmer pot; not included.)

LCD Altimeter

There’s a LED light (for showing when the altitude is on or off a legal VFR altitude); a power switch, Up and Down arrows (for setting correct barometric pressure) and a mode button.

The home screen always shows current altitude along with the current VSI rate.

Toggling through other screens, you can see Density Altitude:

LCD Altimeter DA

Or you can see the current system voltage:

LCD Altimeter V

Svelte unit.  The profile picture:

LCD Altimeter Side

It uses 10 – 15VDC as input; about 10 milli-amperes.

We’ll be publishing a new spec sheet on this unit on our website in the next few days.  You can find this product on our store, here:


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