New Fuel Probe Breakthrough Technology patent application filed

This is not a product or news announcement, just an update on our technical development.  The product will be formally announced next year.  Currently, we’re seeking OEM interest in the product.

We recently filed a patent application on a new fuel probe technology.

This new technology is not a resistive float sender, nor is it a capacitive tube sender.  (Both of these are very common in aircraft and vehicles of all types, and both suffer from deficiencies overcome by our technology.)

This is what it looks like:

Fuel Sensor


And this is how it is inserted into a fuel tank:

Tank Cross Section



Here are the features and benefits:
•No moving parts such as resistive probes (they break)
•No capacitive probes (they short out if water contaminated)
•Ability (in certain circumstances) to discern if aircraft is misfueled and provide alarm (improves operator safety and reduces aircraft manufacturer liability)
•Ability to calibrate to any tank shape or size
•Ability to compensate for most flight conditions, including sloshing and high-G maneuvers
•Ability to work with multiple sensors for greater accuracy
•Ability to work with many fluid types
•Ability to have alarmable condition for various fluid loads
•Ability to provide display on any type of display device
The unit is currently designed for use with experimental aircraft.  Non-TSO’d.  Non-PMA’d.  We also plan a version for certified aircraft, and we’re targeting LSA mfgs as well.
It’s small size, low weight, and high reliability make it ideal for:
•Experimental Aircraft
•Agricultural tanks (especially aerial applicators)
Pricing TBD.
Interested in discussing this technology for your OEM application??
Contact James Wiebe for more info.

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