Belite UltraCub Dream Flight is awesome video

Slow, gorgeous flight of a Belite Aircraft UltraCub is featured in our new video, which has been posted on Youtube.

You will enjoy viewing the video at:

If the link doesn’t work, search “Belite UltraCub Dream Flight” on youtube.

The aircraft is powered by a four stroke 1/2Vw engine. The video lets you feel what it is like to takeoff, fly low and slow, and land in an UltraCub.

The video was shot with a high end Canon 5D camera by Neil Bontrager; he also did the editing / post-production work. Neil is a professional cinematographer and I am beyond grateful for his contributions. You can find Neil here:

Although I’ve run this picture before, I get a big grin out of how solid our high definition / 24 frame cinema quality camera setup worked. I’ve been using the picture of my airplane with the Canon 5D mount as a header photo on this blog.

Here’s my questions for you:

1) What do you think of the video? If you like it, please share this FB post with your friends. I think it captures the beauty of ‘low n slow’, along with the Kansas landscape, and the joy of flying around the pattern.

2) What do you think of the Belite as a cinematography camera platform?

3) What do you think of the ability of the UltraCub to quickly takeoff and smoothly land?

4) Do I look happy at the conclusion of the flight?

That’s a lot of questions. Enough for now.

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