Cross Country Fuel Bill: Exactly $7.82

Gas BillThe lady behind the counter informed me that my fuel bill was the smallest she’d ever seen.  I’d just filled up with gas after the cross country from Wichita to McPherson, and I’d consumed 1.7 gallons.  The amount due:  $7.82.  One simply can’t leave big debts scattered around.  I whipped out the credit card and settled up.

I’d flown the Belite UltraCub with a fuel sipping four stroke 1/2VW from Wichita to McPherson, along with my friend Paul Fiebich.  We’re mulling the idea of flying together to OshKosh next year, so a little cross country dual formation practice seemed like a great idea.

Paul’s plane is a beautiful Airbike; I used the aerial formation as a great opportunity to catch him in flight.

AirBike with Pilot Paul Fiebich

AirBike with Pilot Paul Fiebich

AirBike 4

Airbike. Pilot: Paul Fiebich. Photo plane: Belite UltraCub, pilot: James Wiebe

AirBike 3

Paul Fiebich flies the beautiful Airbike.

AirBike 2

An Airbike with Kansas in the background.

So cool.

The scenery below was Kansas magnificent in splendor:

Landscape 2 Landscape 3 Landscape 4 LandscapeAnd the fly-in had a lot of antique cars that had flown in as well:

Model A

Antique cars at the fly-in in McPherson

Model A-2

Antique cars at the McPherson “When Pigs Fly” BBQ contest.

Some other people dropped into the fly-in:

Parachuting into McPherson airport

Parachuting into McPherson airport

Jumper 3

This person has 4 legs?


Turning base leg for landing at McPherson airport.

Wow.  That pretty fun.

I was concerned with the headwind going home; the forecast was winds at 14 knots gusting to 20, close to “on the nose” for the flight home.  The return to home base would take hours!?!

Except it didn’t take hours.  Just 66 minutes after takeoff from McPherson, fighting a stiff headwind, I touched back down at home base.  I probably had the engine consuming more fuel for the flight home (running into headwinds, after all), and I idled on the ground at McPherson a long time, while waiting for the parachutists to clear the skies.  Total fuel burn going home, including idle on the ground at KMPR:  2.6 gallons.  Total fuel consumption for the day:  4.3 gallons.  I could have made the entire round trip on one tank of gas.  86NM round trip; average fuel consumption of about 20NM per gallon.

Somewhere in this post I need to sneek in one photo of an Ultracub.  Here it is:

UltraCub at McPherson

UltraCub at McPherson



4 thoughts on “Cross Country Fuel Bill: Exactly $7.82

  1. You just having to much fun. Love the two trips you have posted in the last weeks. Keep them coming.

    Steve J
    Springfield, MO

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