Ridiculous Base – Final Turn Photo

Our friend Paul Fiebich took some awesome photos of the UltraCub at Airventure.  One of them does an excellent job of capturing the sharp turn required to navigate the base to final turn at AirVenture.  He also captured many other unique perspectives on the Belite.

Please enjoy these photos; my thanks to Paul for letting me use them on the blog.

Ridiculous turn to final at #Osh13

Ridiculous turn to final at #Osh13


Belite UltraCub moves down the runway


View from the ‘tower’ of a Belite UltraCub


Christian gets ready to hand prop the engine. In the conga line at AirVenture.


Takeoff and nice climbout established. Photo from the viewing stand.


Another view of an excellent climbout.


UltraCub taxiis to takeoff.


UltraCub passes overhead.


Am I landing or taking off?


Beautiful photo of metallic burgundy / brass ultracub against blue sky and clouds.

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