The only version of Windows or Doors which works on Belites

Apologies to Microsoft.  Everyone knows that Windows 8 is horrible on laptop computers.

But I digress.  I really want to talk about windows; actually I want to talk about doors on Belite ultralight aircraft, especially our UltraCub.  We get asked a lot about this feature, and it is worth explaining.  Our door kit is very sharp:  built from CNC cut aluminum parts and CNC cut polycarbonate, the door ends up as an exact fit on your airplane.

Take a look:

Door on Belite

Door on a Belite ultralight airplane.

hinge along top of door

Hinge line along top of door.

opening the door

Opening the door. Note the neat rivets (because the holes were predrilled.)

Pins on door

Locking pins on the inside of the door.

Polycarbonate on pilot side

Polycarbonate on pilot side of the airplane. It comes precut from Belite.

small window

It’s not part of the door kit, but we did install small windows in the corners as shown.

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