Belite’s Angle Of Attack — totally innovative, inexpensive

It’s fun to introduce a new product, have people walk up to the booth, ask a couple of questions, then indicate they plan to install the new product on their airplane.  So it goes with Belite’s new Angle Of Attack (AOA) system.

It uses a new technology, with a windvane sensor mounted on a frictionless magnetic pickup.  The position of the mass balanced sensor is instantly converted to AOA information, displayed in the cockpit.  All for $595.

Every pilot wants one, and AOA instrumentation is a very popular topic throughout the flying community.

Have a look at the photo, showing the sensor:


Angle of Attack sensor housing along with windvane.


Yeah, that is a a plain old ‘dart’ that works magnificently as the vane sensor.  Inside the CNC milled housing is the technology magic — a ball bearing mounted magnetic position sensor.  This product would not be possible without that nifty piece of state of the art technology.

The sensor is connected to an interface module; the module is routed to the cockpit AOA display, which I show here:


An Angle of Attack display from Belite Electronics.

The unit may be calibrated in three ways:

1)  The display has a programming switch dongle (not shown).  When touched, the instrument memorizes the current angle of attack as either the cruise location or the critical angle, permanently saving the information in its memory.

2)  The relative angle may be adjusted by rotating the sensor within the aluminum billet CNC milled enclosure.

3)  The position of the mount may be adjusted.  You will want the sensor placed in your best airflow (EG, below and in front of the leading edge of the wing.)

Included in your purchase is:

* the windvane and frictionless magnetic sensor, in CNC milled enclosure

* general purpose mounting arm

* interface module

* 12 feet of cabling

* cockpit display instrument

* programming switch dongle

First shipment in September.  Order now.  $595.

Do you want more information?  Please look at this NEWS RELEASE.

Ready to order?  Contact us.  Or place your order at Aircraft Spruce, our distributor.

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