Weather is finally allowing some flying.  Got to see God’s view.

Today, while I was waiting for my guys to get a particular piece of work done, I had Christian prop the UltraCub so I could get flying.  I was aloft a minute later.

90+ degree heat on the ground turned to air conditioning as I climbed thru 100′.  Lovely feeling as the air pressed by on either side of me.

Still skies.  Even in the heat.  Pulled back to probably 50% power and loitered at 800′ while turning lazy circles.  Kept the air conditioning on.  Didn’t do anything stupid.  Just puttered around.

(Can’t understand why the world isn’t beating a path to Belite’s door.  Just can’t.)


Yesterday evening, I flew over my friend Kevin’s house and left behind a friendly offering (a teddy bear with a parachute, cleanly deposited in his front lawn.)

Flew over to Benton and shot a whole bunch of touch and goes on the grass, and even one on the pavement.   Loved the folks watching me.  Kept a constant eye out for traffic, as I was NORDO.  (No Radio.)

I also flew around and looked at the harvest.   Big plumes of dust headed up and north as the evening wind and heat lifted wheat chaff upwards.

Pictures show the story:

Kansas Sunset approaches
Kansas beauty in June.
Cut Wheat Field.  Interesting effect.
Another cut wheat field.
I love the harvest.
He’s got a long ways to go.
But he’s working on it.

After both of the flights, I still haven’t refueled — burning less than 5 gallons combined.

I also had opportunity to do a speed check.  Yes, I was marginally concerned that the UltraCub was speeding over the FAR 103 limit of 62mph.  With full power, it clocked in at a cruise speed of about 60 – 61 mph.  I can relax.

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