This group of 4 HUGE ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS is offered as one lot, for sale, no reserve.  They are 250V / 10000 uF, and they are gathering dust and mocking me for having been so foolish as to purchase them about 3 years ago.

I’ll bet there is a HAM radio operator out there somewhere who wants them.

1)  There is no warranty or statement of fitness for any application for these capacitors. They are AS IS. 
2)  We only accept payment by PayPal.
3)  We only ship to addresses served by UPS ground.
4)  No crating / boxing charge, just shipping charge.
5)  Please contact us before the auction closes so that you can get a UPS shipping quote.
6)  Please pay within 24 hours of auction close.
7)  This item is offered without reserve.
8)  James is on vacation between June 10th – 14th, so we may not be able to answer specific questions.
10)  This item will not ship until Wednesday, June 19.
11)  Your winning bid gets all 4 capacitors.

Opening bid:  $1
Reserve:  NONE
Buy it now:  Not Available on this item  (WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL JUNE 19).
Crate Charge:  NONE
UPS Charge:  TBD, inquire

Huge Electrolytic Capacitors, 250V 10000 uF


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