MZ201 Revised Mount

It’s interesting to see the background work in creating a new motor mount.  We recently had opportunity to improve our MZ201 motor mount, and here’s the result, in step by step photo fashion.  This is everything from raw placement to ready to fire up:

First of all, let’s put the motor on blocks, adjust height, and ensure that the propeller is on centerline:

Lining up the MZ201 engine on a Belite Ultracub.

Then we put a laser on the rear of the fuselage.  It is lined up with the centerline, which is easily determined from the CNC cut rivet holes further forward in the fuselage design.

Using a laser to line the engine mount.
Using a level to find the middle of the thrust line.

The laser shoots through the entire structure from the tail forward and hits the thrust line.  See the red dot on the level, below?  Also note the square in the lower left side of the picture.  It is lined up with the centerline of the firewall, and the laser is lined up with it, as well.

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Using the level and the laser.  Also note the square on the lower left.

The motor is sitting on 1/2″ by 1″ chromalloy square tubing.  We now start to weld 1/2″ hollow 4130 to the square tubing.  Note that the motor mount bushing locations have already been set into the firewall frame as well.

Starting to weld the motor mount.
Most of the steel welded in place.
Belite Ultracub
Now let’s take the level away and look at the mount and engine:
MZ 201 motor mount making progress.

Now let’s remove the engine and take another look:

Motor mount for MZ201, under construction.

The holes on the bottom need to be drilled out to accept rubber engine mounts.  The ends of the square tubing are welded in, everything gets a coat of paint, and it’s all put back together.

There’s lots of wires, fuel line, throttle cable to be run and placed, also the primer line, so here’s some pictures of the engine mostly put together on the mount:

MZ201 engine on the plane, much is done.
MZ 201 engine from side.

I’m very proud of our wiring skills.  Thank you, Christian, for doing such a good job.  Here’s some pics:

MZ201 wiring going to panel
Back of instrument panel on Belite Ultracub
Wiring passing through firewall
Another view of wiring passing thru firewall

You may have noticed that this happens to be a tricycle gear aircraft.  It is ready for first flight in a day or two.

Thanks to Leon Massa of CRE.

One thought on “MZ201 Revised Mount

  1. What do you think about adapting an F23 mount to accept a rotax 503? The group of builders I hang out with are pushing the rotax over the Hirth. Kathy says my kit will ship next week. (Jan 2014)

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