MythBusters Redux for Belite and Duct Tape Plane

The Discovery channel is re-airing the MythBusters Duct Tape Plane episode this Friday, FEBRUARY 1, at 2:00 EST.   (Check your local listings!).  I am publishing some photos from that amazing experience here, several of which I have never shown before.

It was an unforgettable moment in my life.  I enjoyed my time with Grant, Tori and Kari very much — and also with Eric, Bennie, Duncan and Laura.  Gene came and had fun too.

The plane in question ended up on MythBusters traveling tour.  It was the same plane that won an award at Sun N Fun earlier in the year.  It had started life as a tricycle gear plane and ended as a taildragger covered in duct tape!

Overflying MythBusters on downwind
Grant, Gene, James, Kari and Tori with the Duct Tape Plane on MythBusters
Grant explains the success of Duct Tape.
Is Grant doing the Robot??

Kari and Klaws.  Duncan lounges.
Grant and Tori and Duncan.
Kari absorbs sunshine.
Over the MythBusters gang on the closed runway.
The Belite poses for the MythBusters crew.
MythBusters between the struts.
Turning Final for MythBusters.
Laura the director sets the picture.
Turning Base for MythBusters.
A nice shot of the entire runway scene.

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