Teal Beauty Develops on New Years Eve

Teal Beauty with big wheels.

New Year’s Eve.

Hey, we worked today.

The boys and I went home early at 2:00…

Beauty emerges in a Teal color.

By the way, I’m not given away the big tires.  But they sure look sweet on Teal Beauty.

Aluminum Ultralight Aircraft from Belite, under construction
Tail of aluminum ultralight aircraft

Cabin of ultralight aircraft from Belite
Fuel deck on ultralight aircraft from Belite
Firewall goes here
And here is the view from the rear on an ultralight airplane from Belite
Quartering rear view, including tundra tires from Belite Aircraft

Everything you see weighed 86 pounds.  This plane easily makes FAR part 103 ultralight weight, even with the tundra tires.  But we’lll ship it with smaller tires….

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