Wild Mustang Horses in Kansas Flint Hills

Quickly stated:

The shop gang installed the removable fairing on the back of the UltraCub, which made it look like a baby cub.  I was eager to fly it.

I flew the UltraCub from home base out to the Flint Hills (which are east of Wichita), where I took high res pictures of Wild Mustang horses, then returned home.  It was a 90 minute flight; and I used 2.5 gallons gasoline.  I returned with 90+ minutes fuel reserve at home base (slightly more than half tank remaining).  Fuel consumption:  1.67 gallons per hour.  Estimated fuel economy:  about 34 mpg.

Gentle Readers, the horse pictures are eye-popping, and you have to go to our belite flickr account to see them all.

Here’s the link to the Wild Mustang horse photos on Flickr.  I have a couple of selected photos from the flight below.  The remainder of the wild horse photos (and there awesome photos of the horses) are on flickr.

Flint Hills, photo taken from Belite UltraCub ultralight airplane.
Wild Mustang Horses, photo taken from Belite ultralight airplane

Also note that that the four stroke UltraCub is now flying with the removable tail fairing attached:

Belite UltraCub ultralight airplane with four stroke engine
Walking the UltraCub 4 stroke ultralight airplane back to the hangar.

I used to do this flight in my Flight Design CTLS; it is absolutely a gift from God to be able to do it in the Belite.  I’m back to cruising around.  I’m planning cross countries to Oshkosh and Idaho.

Total time in the Burgundy UltraCub to date:  5.4 hours.

Here’s the map of this adventure:

Wild Mustang Flight to the flint hills and back.

Flight speeds outbound to the flint hills averaged 65mph; return flight averaged 45mph.  Average groundspeed:  about 55mph.  You can see the variance on the position spacing above.  Cruise RPM varied from 2500 to 2700 rpm.

One thought on “Wild Mustang Horses in Kansas Flint Hills

  1. James, I think I know why you photographed the wild mustangs….you feel a kinship with freedom those wild animals live. Your Belite UltraCub allows you to see and experience the mustangs in a much more "open" experience than if you were in a Cessna 172! Enjoyed the photos immensely….seeing those stallions with their manes flowing in the wind as they raced along…amazing! Jason

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