Testing Continues on Belite 4 Stroke Ultralight Aircraft

Belite UltraCub, Sans turtledeck… with 4 stroke engine

The testing of this new airplane / engine combination has been just been fun.

As this is just Part 103, I’m not required to keep a log, but I wish I would have.  Here’s a recap of the experience so far.

#1 — This flight got the plane long enough to prove that a nose forward CG was a disaster.  Got into ground effect; immediately reduced power; was unable to flare nose up; tested the landing gear.  All good.

#2 — Reset the elevator  more incidence down.  Improvements over #1.

#3 — Rebuilt engine mount, changed CG substantially, much improvement.  Several test hops.

#4 — Reset elevator authority movement with more “up”. Landings are now pleasant.

(time in aircraft is now perhaps totalling 24 minutes, 0.3; — not much)

#5 — Aircraft is now showing good elevator authority; I choose to fly the plane around the pattern.  No problems.  TT [total time] now 0.5 hours

#6 — one hour flight.  TT now 1.5

#7 — one hour flight.  Testing to date includes rudder, flaperon and elevator authority; rudderless turn coordination; turns of 45 degrees+, takeoffs, landings; stall attempts; turns about a point.  Recorded and uploaded to youtube.  TT now 2.5

#8 — thirty minute flight.  Testing includes:  takeoff and climb to approximate 1000’++ AGL (taking approximately 140 seconds as seen on video); 14 knot headwind on ground without difficulty during taxi, takeoff and landing; many takeoffs and landings demonstrating ground rolls of 40′ or less into wind (you can see this on video); calibration of RPM for various flight conditions; continued evaluation of fuel flow.  TT now 3.0 on aircraft. Video uploaded to youtube, and it is available for viewing HERE.  Note how the plane always floats down the runway; I’ve got too much approach speed.

Suggested RPM for 45HP 1/2VW engine with a 58×22 propeller are:

* full power producing 2900 – 3150 RPM for takeoff  (redline is 3600)
* 2400 – 2700 RPM for cruise
* 1800 – 2050 RPM for final descent

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