Rear Fuselage Detail; new pedal design; more…

Just some quick notes…

I’m heading off to Alaska tomorrow for some R&R, so I’m doing some quick posting today with some detail on our aluminum taildragger, along with some photos from a new airplane.  On this particular airplane, I’ve modified the fuselage to use trusses instead of fabric; we’re adding some more gussets as well.  Hopefully this will give our builders some ideas.

Rear Fuselage of Belite Taildragger.  Also note custom wiring circuit for use with strobe on tail.

And we’ve changed our heel and rudder pedals so that they are user assembled.  Here’s a detail photo, also showing the shopbot cut floor pan they fit in, complete with nylon bearings:

Heel brake and rudder pedals

Here’s some more pics of the gorgeous yellow plane we’re getting set to deliver:

Taxiing in a new plane
Looking shiny new.
Rear detail.  Note bulkhead riveted between diagonals.
Slight bank.

One thought on “Rear Fuselage Detail; new pedal design; more…

  1. I'm glad someone has the cash for F23. But personally I think it would be ideal if someone got Smiths' Generac engine into this airframe. Their own airplane is too unconventional, but they sure know how to buy and sell cheap. I know that Big Twin has single ignition, but hey… Jim landed in a field at Oshkosh with F23, was it? So it's not like Hirth is bullet-proof. In exchange, you get a better range. Stop laughing, my 103 club has guys in trikes venturing 50..80 nm away from the base, that makes me jealous.

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