Burgundy Metallic UltraCub

Hey World,

I found a gentleman who was sneaking around our facility earlier today.  He identified himself as “Bob Philips”.  After I threatened to call the police, he indicated that he was a private investigator, and was working for an anonymous individual who goes by the initials “C.S.R.”

He further told me that he’d been assigned to investigate our rumored developments on a state of the art ultralight aircraft.  I told him that I was, in fact, soon going to share information on such an aircraft with the world, and I could really care less if he was taking spy photos — if he was leaking information, I was planning to do the same thing, only a few days later.  He gave me a weird look, so I told him to scram, and he left.  Just before he walked out the door, he said:

“I know about the stitches, the thumb, and the scar on your forehead.”

I have no idea what he was talking about.

Belite UltraCub (Ultralight Airplane)

Anyway, our upcoming Belite UltraCub (Ultralight Aircraft) has some really cool features:

*folding wings — our design is improved for better storage and transport
*reduced weight — allows use of four stroke engine without carbon fiber spars
*increased wing area — allows for quicker takeoffs and slower landings
*increased flaperon area — likewise
*winglets — improves flaperon effectiveness and reduces wing drag
*four stroke engine — far better fuel economy and great reliability
*rivet construction — easy construction, no welding involved in kit construction
*low kit and assembled aircraft cost — we’ll have a special OshKosh price, valid until the end of August.
*unbelievably good looking finishing — using our vinyl color process — easy and inexpensive.  Our demonstrator ultracub has metallic paint!!
*quick assembly — as proof, I personally built this demo plane in ‘spare time’ over the last four months, while doing all my other Belite tasks and working in my computer forensic consulting business… (Some people thing I’m constantly in motion… and I am.)

I’m hoping to fly it briefly tomorrow (Saturday), then truck it to OshKosh to show to the world.  We don’t plan to fly it at OshKosh, but we’ll have another Belite demonstrator there as well.  Please come by our booth and look at our innovation on display.

The photos are on our Flickr account, here:


And here a couple of the finer photos which I’ve decided to post on the blog.

Extended Flaperons and Winglets on an UltraCub (Ultralight Aircraft from Belite)
Four Stroke engine on Belite Ultralight Aircraft

See you at AirVenture!

James (& Kathy)

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