Crazy Weird Stuff at Belite

CSR:  You sent me that interesting email yesterday, and yes, I would be thrilled to know your identity.  I want you to know that I appreciate the steady income doing this work for you has generated for me, albeit your anonymous nature has puzzled me.  But I fear that my ability to generate this ‘spy’ information for you may soon be compromised.  I have taken too many risks while ‘hanging’ around the hangar and taking these photos.

Sigh.  The life of a spy….   I’ll bet you don’t have a clue how much stress this spying creates.  You really don’t pay me enough…   But I digress.

(Regaining my composure)  I was able to slip into the hangar at Belite late this evening, and today, I offer you a couple of photographs which confirm your worst fears:

a)  The UltraCub / 4 stroke combination does indeed feature a flap / aileron combination which has been extended all of the way to the end of the wing.  This is certain to reduce landing speed (and takeoff roll) even further, and also provide for spritely roll control while in flight.

b)  It also features winglets.  These aerodynamic improvements look diminutive in size, yet promise to improve roll control (and wing lift, and reduce wing drag) even further.

Without further ado, here are those photos:

winglet on Belite UltraCub (Ultralight Aircraft)
Belite UltraCub (ultralight Aircraft) with expanded flaperon area and winglets
I noticed one other feature on this Belite, but it will have to wait for a future communique.  Also, I saw a sheet of paper with the price of an UltraCub kit, and it was startlingly low.
Your Servant Faithfully,
Bob Philips

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