Belite Ultralight Aircraft For Sale

This aluminum ultralight airplane is available for April delivery from Belite.  It has been finished with a gorgeous cub yellow paint job.  There is no finer ultralight aircraft made by anyone!

Taildragger Ultralight Airplane from Belite, in Cub Yellow, for sale

It still needs three days assembly work for us to finish it.  It also is ready to accept any engine, and is a legal ultralight under FAR Part 103.  It is offered with a Belite Electronics panel, with AGL, ASI, EGT/CHT, and Inclinometer.

I checked weight on it yesterday, and what you see weighs 165 pounds.  It will take about 20 pounds of material to finish it (not counting engine/mount/prop).  So any engine / prop combination of around 69 pounds or less will work.  (For this plane to be ready to fly, we need to install the interior control cables, gas tank, windshield, flying wires on the tail feathers, etc…)

This means the F33 28HP engine will work great (just like our WoW plane or the MythBusters plane).  With the F33, we would have plenty of weight allowance to put a top cowl on the rear fuselage, and make it look quite ‘cub-like’.  Just a thought…

With the Hirth F33 engine, this aircraft is offered at $25,900.

Here is the ‘as-configured’ info

Base aircraft with aluminum fuselage …  $16,500
Metal priming …  $1,000
Disc brakes … $700
Spring gear … $400
Lightweight Lift Strut (2024T3) … $400
Complete fabric and paint … $6,900
Total …. $25,900   FAF Wichita

(Electric Start / Battery / Cowling are included)

Front view of Belite Ultralight Airplane for sale
Straight on front view of Belite Ultralight Aircraft for sale
Quartering view of Belite Ultralight Airplane for sales
End view of Belite Ultralight airplane for sale
View of wing and flaperon on Belite Ultralight Aircraft for sale
Tail Feathers on Belite Ultralight Airplane for sale
Underside of Belite Ultralight Aircraft for sale, note disc brakes and spring gear
Cabin interior, note metal priming, on Belite Ultralight Aircraft for sale

This airplane would also be phenomenal with the MZ-201 45HP engine ($2900 swap), but you would also probably need to add a ballistic parachute ($3300) to make legal weight.

Call or email us with your questions.  (316) 253-6746  or

One thought on “Belite Ultralight Aircraft For Sale

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