Incredible paint job on new Belite

I’ve just loaded about 30 hi res pics to Flickr of a new customer airplane.  You can see them on our Flickr channel, here.

This is such a nice plane!

Turqoise Belite Ultralight Airplane

It was built with nearly every option — from a nice instrument panel to a big 50HP Hirth.  It has carbon fiber spars, an aerodynamic tail, a rescue chute, and much more.

It meets Part 103, weighing in at 275.4 pounds.  (Limit is 278.)

Here’s a front on view, showing off the engine:

Front view of Belite Ultralight Airplane, with 50HP Hirth

And here’s how Belite Electronics look, in the panel.

Instrument panel in Belite ultralight airplane

This plane even has strobes and position lights:

Strobe and Nav lights on Belite ultralight airplane

The interior pilot seat looks very sharp.  We haven’t yet put the carpet on the floor, but that’s coming too.

Interior of Belite ultralight airplane

There are many, many more photos showing all kinds of details of this airplane on Flickr.  Have a look.  Let me know what you think.

One thought on “Incredible paint job on new Belite

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