MythBusters and Australia

It’s time for another MythBusters moment for Belite Aircraft!

Airing in Australia today — “Duct Tape Plane” featuring Belite Aircraft!

We’ve developed a great contact in Australia helping us represent our aircraft — Peter Harlow @ Silverwings Aircraft.

I so enjoyed my time with Kari, Grant and Tory at MythBusters.  I thought you’d like a few more MythBusters pics.

Many people don’t realize that the airplane I used for this episode had our base 28HP engine.  It looks like and performs like it had a lot more HP, but it didn’t.  Credit our great wing, light design, and awesome ‘real’ airplane characteristics.

Belite’s Ultralight Aircraft at MythBusters.

Another thing that is hard to appreciate is just how much time it takes to make good television.  This particular episode took the better part of 3 weeks to film.  I wasn’t even there during the last week of filming.

Grant, Kari and Tory work on the Belite ultralight aircraft, after some duct tape has been applied.

The attention usually goes to the hosts, but there are lots of folks behind the scenes who make it happen.  Each episode needs a producer, a director, at least two cameramen, a soundman, and more.  Then there’s the outside riff-raff (like me) who help facilitate.

The first camerman sprints away from Tory and Grant

Since I had my experience at MythBusters, they’ve had quite a bit more fun.  And an accident (or two.)  The same trio I worked with (Grant, Tory, Kari) where the ones who sent a cannonball very accidently through a house near the Alameda bomb range.  Not Jamie or Adam.

Speaking of Jamie & Adam, I never had the pleasure of meeting them.  We were given a very nice tour through their facility before they showed up.  I suspect they are slightly tired of the fan attention.

My shop manager, Gene, was able to join me at MythBusters as well.  He helped ensure that everything was put together correctly, and got to help and observe in several different ways.  I couldn’t do Belite without Gene, and I appreciate him deeply.

Here’s Gene, sitting in the airplane.  The plane appears to be missing its wings in this shot:

Gene in a Belite Ultralight Aircraft at MythBusters

One reason our plane has been so successful is because the wings fold easily.  When Kari found out how easily the wings folded, she started dancing spontaneously, while Grant, Tory (and producer Eric Haven) looked on:

Kari Byron dances by Belite Ultralight Airplane

I hope you enjoy the episode, “Duct Tape Plane”, on MythBusters.

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