Top 12 Things you can see in test flight video of ultralight aircraft

Here is what you’ll see, in this YouTube video of Belite’s ultralight airplane:

10.  I turn to the camera and smile a lot.

9.  I do mild wingovers.

8.  I do steep turns around a point.

7.  I enjoy the beautiful weather on December 29, 2011.

6.  I get to prove that flying is more fun than working.

5.  I make the owner of this airplane wonder why I haven’t delivered it already.

4.  I do a really sweet full stall 3 point landing.  If you look very, very carefully, you can see the steel landing gear springs barely compress, but just for a moment.

3.  You can see what a poor video editor I am.  Actually, I didn’t do any editing … just loaded the video to YouTube.

2.  At the end, you can see Mike, Gene, and my nephew, Matt.

1.  You can see the plane climb from ground level to 800′ AGL in a little over two miles of ground distance.

0.  You can see me dive the plane to over 80 mph (IAS)

-1.  You can see why I enjoy doing this.

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