James Wiebe named "August Raspet" EAA award winner for 2011

Hi Friends,
I’ve got big news.
A few weeks ago I received a letter from Rod Hightower.  He is the president of the EAA — and the EAA is the most important voice in experimental aviation in this country.
I was informed that I had been selected for this year’s “August Raspet” award, which is given annually.  Quoting the EAA:
“Since 1960, the Dr. August Raspet Memorial Award has been presented every year to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of light aircraft design.”They cited three reasons for awarding this to me:

1)  My work in developing carbon fiber in ultralight aircraft;
2)  My work in developing lightweight instrumentation for aircraft;
3)  And my work in developing “water in fuel” technology for aircraft.

I was mildly stunned by this news…

Anyway, this evening, they have posted the news story on their website:

And tomorrow night (Thursday) I receive the award.

Kind Regards,
James (For my latest news, I suggest you follow me on Twitter:  @jamespwiebe  @beliteaircraft )

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