The Electric Belite that wasn’t at Sun N Fun

We didn’t announce an electric airplane at Sun N Fun … but I did fly an electric Belite late last year.  I was very surprised that I posted so many hints about our work in this area… got no response.

This particular project wasn’t far enough along to bring to Sun N Fun, but it sure did fly nice.

Ultralight Aircraft with Electric Motor

Electric Ultralight Aircraft takeoff roll

Electric Ultralight Aircraft takes off

This electric ultralight aircraft was capable of excellent performance with short battery life.  It took too long to recharge.  I still give it thought, but haven’t worked on it this year.  Should I?

10 thoughts on “The Electric Belite that wasn’t at Sun N Fun

  1. Electric is the wave of the future, wish the FAA would grant the battery weight waiver! Would like to know more details about the Belite implementation.

  2. I remember reading about your work and the pictures. Thought it great, but didn't comment..sorry! I talked to your helper at Osh last year. Can't remember his name but I thought it was you.I will stop by at Osh and visit again this year and hope you show an electric.Warren

  3. why yes, you should work on it. have you thought about hydrogen/fuel cell arrangement? lighter than batteries, auxilliary hydrogen supply to replenish fuel cell would be light to carry as well.

  4. Yes you should pursue it. have always liked the UL category, but my stumbling block has always been reliable power. That having your power source on the roof of your trailer? Cool.

  5. In FAR 103 it states that we are alowed 5 gallons of fuel, The FAA publicly anounced at Oshkosh 3 years ago that Batterys are fuel! This means that we are alowed 5 gallons of batterys. It does not specify weight just volume.I think that Electric power is the thing that will make the Ultralight aircraft really popular because it is so smooth and reliable and quiet.These qualitys are what is lacking in the ultralight engines that i have been using. It is costing me only 60 cents per hr of flying to recharge the batterys.I have ben flying on electric power for 3 years now and Love it.

  6. Just coming on board and reading through the BLOG. As a EE interested in flight, I find electric power to be a very exciting area of UL flight. It would be great to see a Belite Electric option in the future. More details would be welcome as well.

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