4th Set of Damage Photos from Sun N Fun 2011

I have posted FOUR sets of damage photos at Sun N Fun.  This is one of the four sets.

The links for all four damage photo sets, including this one, are:





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The weather was perfect today; the aftermath of yesterday’s storm was not.

This is the fourth set of aircraft damage photos I have posted from Sun N Fun 2011.

All photos and content (c) 2011 by James Wiebe

Photo by Gene Stratton.  Used with permission
Photo by Gene Stratton
Photo By Gene Stratton
Cleaning up at the Aircam booth
Sun N Fun Damaged Aircraft
Sun N Fun Aircraft Damage
Sun N Fun Damaged Aircraft
Sun N Fun Aircraft Damage
Sun N Fun Aircraft Destruction
Destroyed Aircraft at Sun N Fun
Damage caused by Storm at Sun N Fun
Piper and RANS meet.
Tornado Aircraft Damage at Sun N Fun
Aircraft Damaged by storm at Sun N Fun

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