Comments on Ultralight Aircraft from a Kitplanes reader…

Here are some unfiltered comments on our ultalight aircraft that I received via email earlier today.  This person had read the recent cover article on “Kitplanes” on Belite:
“I hope you are getting some good results from the article. Way back when, I was also on of those guys that looked at ultralights with distain. 
… I still think the KitFox Light was a delightful plane to fly even when compared to many non ultralight planes. 
To say the BeLite is a nice flying for an ultralight does not do it justice. It simply handles like a good airplane should, regardless of the weight. 
The only problem with the BeLite is if someone gets hooked on ultralights because of it, and then tries to fly one of the “lawn chair” type machines, it will scare them to death.”
Belite manufactures Part 103 compliant ultralight aircraft.

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