An Ultralight Does Wingovers? Four Belites in a row?

Welcome, Kitplanes readers!  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the excellent article on Belite in April’s cover article.

Tonight’s a multimedia night on this blog…  pics and video.  The best pic is the very last one.

We had a day of great flying weather — a little crosswind — I compensated by ignoring the crosswind, then by landing diagonally across the runway.  You can see that in the video clip I’ve posted in this post.

First, a great photo taken by Gene Stratton:

The Belite Trike airplane in the pic is ready for customer delivery, with the customer arriving tomorrow to take it home.

Ultralight Aircraft For Sale!  Next up, a Belite 254 with 28HP CRE engine, with really wonderful fat tundra tires.  Ultralight legal at 250 pounds, as pictured, including the tires.  Includes a nice instrument panel and you can buy it now.!

And here’s a plane which is going to our south coast dealer, Joe Chlup.  It’s got really light wheels on it, as it is destined to be a sea plane very soon!

So let’s line up four Belites in a row…

The closest plane is currently featured (April 2011) on the cover of Kitplanes magazine.

So let’s hop in that plane, attach a camera to the top of the wing, and take a video, OK?

I did exactly that.  Here’s a video on Youtube showing startup to landing of the Belite Superlite.

It shows the fun I have in the airplane:  wingovers (sort of), tight turns, quick takeoffs, and spot landings.

I saved the best picture for last.  Here’s the little yellow trike, entering the flare:

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