Sneak Pictures of Belite’s Batteries

Earlier today, I had a conversation with my marketing manager, Kathy.  She also happens to be my wife and business partner.

“I think I’d like to start posting some more information on my blog concerning our electric airplane design,” I said.  “But I won’t really release any information — I’ll just create some teasing posts which show elements of our design.  Then, when we’re ready to announce our progress more formally, we’ll hopefully have more people attuned to what’s coming.”

Kathy said that sounded like a fine idea.

So, without further ado, here is a photo of a battery pack I found lying around our production facility:

LiFe04 Battery Assembly at Belite Enterprises

This particular battery is part of an electric battery system with the following selected characteristics:

*  Capable of providing up to 50,000 watts of continuous power (that’s just a staggering number)
*  Constructed using LiFe04 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cells which are very safe, yet powerful
*  Charged using common commercially available power supplies using a modified CC/CV (Constant Current / Constant Voltage charge termination) architecture.

I will be providing some other posts in the near future which have photos of some other elements of our electric design.

If you want to be on our announcement list and hear news of our electric developments directly from us, you must register at this link to receive our updates.

Our ultralight aircraft (the Belite 254 and derivatives) is an excellent platform for electric flight, due to its huge useful load, efficient high lift wing, and sturdy steel fuselage.

If you wish to be a development partner with us in this project, and have something significant to offer (for instance, battery technologies, academic support, motor technologies, etc.) please correspond with me directly at my email address:  james at beliteaircraft dot com

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