Technology and Aviation Leadership in Wichita, KS?

Today, at the invitation of Sedgwick County Commissioner Gwen Welshimer, I briefly presented my viewpoint of the difficulties of starting an aviation business in Wichita, KS, Air Capital of the World:

 — Difficulty raising capital or debt financing
 — Lack of vision on the part of government for supporting entrepreneurial aviation and technology business in a meaningful way.

My comments followed a presentation by Commissioner Welshimer, in which she made a case in which Sedgwick County should take its rightful position as incubator for aviation technology.

She’s absolutely correct.

You can see her presentation, and my response to the Commission, in this eVideo

Two of the three local TV stations interviewed me; fantastic interviews; and they each took great video of the Belite flying out at our base airport.  You can see the videos and their stories here:

Channel 12 – KWCH Story on Personal Planes and Belite

Channel 10 – KAKE Story:  Could Innovation keep Wichita the Air Capital?

Wichita is in danger of losing its status as Air Capital of the World. 

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