Tooling purchased; redesign underway.

I am enjoying designing my new airplane!! I’ll have much more news soon.

Our fuselage is being built on the tooling which we purchased. (This tooling was used to build the Kitfox Lite a long time ago… long story.)

We are in the process of redesigning the wing to utilize ultralight, ultrastrong, quick assembly carbon fiber. In fact, we are completing our demonstrator aircraft right now and will have it ready to show at Airventure. We expect a formal rollout in late June, so stay tuned. We plan to offer components, subkits, kits, and fully assembled FAR 103 legal airplanes.

5 thoughts on “Tooling purchased; redesign underway.

  1. Glad to see the Lite will be in production again. I own Serial #001 of the original Kit Fox Lite. In fact its not far from you in Augusta, Ks. I would love to see what you are doing with the plane and maybe share some ideas. I have been flying mine about 2 years and did a re-engine last summer as a modification.Terry

  2. Jim, excellent news!Do you have a website or domain picked out to put sales and support info onto?Will you post info here?I'm anxious to hear more. I'm avoiding flying due to financial costs right now, and picking up BeLite might help change that. 🙂

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