WiebeTech Products featured in ‘Transformers’

The movie “Transformers” utilized WiebeTech products in one critical scene. Early in the movie, while on Air Force One, a small transformer robot pulled disk drives out of a storage enclosure. The disk drives are clearly visible, with a bright orange ‘W’ on each one. They are the same drives which are utilized in WiebeTech’s ProSata SS8 high capacity portable ultrascsi storage enclosure!

WiebeTech products were also utilized a couple of years ago in the hit TV series ’24’. The nuclear override device, which Jack fervently sought, was in fact a WiebeTech ComboDock. It was clearly visible on screen, as was the innard cutouts of one of our Forensic Field Kits.

You’ve probably seen the movie Jurassic Park, right? Another company which I ran had products in it as well. The company was Newer Technology, and Newer’s memory was inside the Mac computers in the control room scenes. The large amount of real memory in each computer facilitated (among other things) smooth QuickTime playback on the screens of those computers. Newer received a credit at the end of the movie (go ahead; load your DVDs/VCRs; the credit’s still there…)

OK, now lets go all the way back to the beginning of time, which, of course, was the movie “The Net” starring Sandra Bullock. The Pan American Computer show within that movie was in fact MacWorld/San Francisco and the venue was Moscone Convention center. The bad guy is filmed chasing Sandra Bullock through the convention floor. He passes directly through the booth of Newer Technology, and was very close to me. I’m in the movie. I’m looking away; the camera shot clearly shows the top of my balding head. 🙂

I was recently interviewed by Carrie Rengers of the Wichita Eagle in reference to Transformers. That interview is contained within this article.

The Eagle also recently ran an in-depth interview of me. Unfortunately, a subscription to the Eagle archives is required to view the article. If you’re still interested, it’s posted here. Look for the article in kansas.com archives by Dan Voorhis, entitled, “A Conversation with James Wiebe”.

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